Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date Set for August 30th?


Samsung galaxy note 2 issa asadThe successor to world’s first phablet, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, appears to be gearing up for a release this August. While earlier rumors had hinted at an October release – with the iPhone 5 competitive underpinnings – rumors that emanated later suggested an August timeframe for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date.

It now seems quite apparent that the Galaxy Note 2 would be released, according to Daily, a Korean news website, on August 30th, at the famed Unpacked event that Samsung conducts. The event, the report further proceeds to say, would be held at the IFA 2012. What’s even more interesting is that they’ve also set out the time precisely: 7.00 p.m.

It’s quite surprising how rumors get so accurate – or post so boldly, we’ll never know – but it has been apparent that Samsung would release the Galaxy Note 2 sometime soon this year. Rumors began spreading about the Note II a couple of months back, taking on a serious hue and chatter in the last few weeks.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features have been widely reported to have a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED display. This puts it a tad larger than its predecessor, the Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy Note II is also said to feature an important upgrade: quad-core Exynos processor which would push the limits to an all-new level. Also on the rumored specsheet is an 8 MP or a 12MP camera.

As natural as it sounds, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is also expected to feature Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the platform Google unveiled just a few days back. The platform will be offering the latest features from Google, the Voice Assistant coupled with Google Now (an intelligent feature of Google that saves up your preferences of search etc.)

The Galaxy Note 2 might be strategically aimed at the iPhone 5, a rumored device set to be launched sometime in October (an year from iPhone 4S, to be precise). The reason for the release date to be pushed ahead seems to be to gain considerable market-space much before the iPhone 5 gets launched.

But we must remember that this is something not straight from the horse’s mouth. There’s a little time to go before things get confirmed, anyway. Keep a tab here if you’re looking for the next phablet to make its grand appearance.



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