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issa asad save money cell phoneMany people love their cell phone but most dislike the high cost associated with purchasing the device or the fact that they have to sign a long term contract to get it without a hefty price tag. Even so, many still do not want to (or cannot afford to) spend $50 to $100 to purchase their phone. Then, in order to use their phone, they have to pay $65 to $100 (or more) a month on a cell phone bill.

Worse, the costs of cell phones and monthly cell phone bills have been steadily rising over the years. Plus, most mobile phone companies want a long term commitment and a credit check or safety deposit. As a result, many low income individuals and families are not able to afford a cell phone, whether smartphone or basic.

There is a solution to your cell phone savings: the Lifeline Assistance program. Created in the 80’s by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under the Reagan Administration, the Lifeline program originally provided free landline telephone service to qualified low income individuals and families. Years later it was updated to include free or discounted cell phone service.

If you currently participate in a government assistance program, or meet low income requirements in your state, you could be eligible for free cell phone service from many of the Lifeline providers. Although you may not receive a fancy smartphone, your cell phone will provide you with a phone for calling friends and family, job opportunities, medical services or for emergencies. It will also have texting capabilities.



About Issa Asad

Issa Asad is an entrepreneur & marketing strategist with over 15 years of experience in Florida. He is currently the CEO at Q Link Wireless.

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